COVID-19 Policy Update


Our commitment to clean,

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s possible for the coronavirus to spread through touching an infected surface. Now more than ever, a clean space matters.

Standard cleaning protocol

Following prior to each booking: 

  • We sweep, mop, vacuum, and extensively clean each room to ensure a cleanly environment for our visitors.
  • We clean, disinfect and sanitize common areas allowing guest access including bathrooms, lobby, and entrances

Enhanced COVID-19 measures

We used recommendations from the CDC, the WHO, and our local State to compile a list of additional precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in addition to our standard cleaning protocol. 

> Face Coverings

The staff at the Tilghman Island Inn are fully vaccinated and do not wear masks, but strictly adhere to the regulations mandated by the state of Maryland. We also use plexiglass at our front desk to maximize social distancing.

> Spaced Bookings

  • We space out bookings to allow for enhanced cleaning, with no access to the room during your stay. Garbage is collected once a day at 5 o’clock. Just leave your trash can outside your room by the door.
  • We limit guests count that is staying at the Inn on any given day to allow social distancing.
  • We thoroughly disinfect and sanitize the whole room and bathroom with EPA-registered approved products.
  •  We can provide you with disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves, or disposable masks upon request.

> High Traffic Areas

Starting with our public spaces and high-traffic areas, we are going above and beyond to clean, disinfect and sanitize our normal protocols. We are cleaning surfaces with increased frequency, dedicated staff, and recommended cleaning agents with EPA registered approved products.

> Laundry system

We have decided to have an in-house laundry system to prevent mixing our linens, towels, napkins with others. We use only 100% cotton sheets in our rooms. Our amazing team has been fully trained on disinfecting, sanitizing, and triple steaming linens, pillowcases, mattresses, and towels.

> Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizing stations are installed around the Inn, and disinfecting wipes are available to you upon request.

> Social Distancing

Signage in public spaces will remind our guests to maintain social distancing.

> New Cleaning Technologies

We are rolling out enhanced technologies including steamers to sanitize surfaces throughout the inn, especially the bed and porous material. We are using keyless locked-on doors for minimal contact. Our team has been given a personal Ipad, with disinfecting wipes for electronics.

> Mobile App

Our mobile technologies provide reassurance and distancing options for our guests. Your phone can be used anywhere anytime to check in, look at our restaurant menu, contact the front desk during your stay or just connect with us.